Confessions of a Cheater

So I must confess that I have been cheating for the last two weeks. I feel so bad, but it was calling me. Calling me like crack for pookie! Don’t worry, I haven’t cheated on my love but I have cheated on my healthy living. I have been eating chips, drinking soda, and being lazy. I love chips. God knows I do! But I have to really let them go. I feel that I can talk to you guys and you will help me feel accountable. I decided to come on here and let you know what I have been doing. I know I let everybody know how good I have been doing but with that being said I also need to let you know the bad things I have been doing. I am being transparent. I am human. *shrugs* I haven’t worked out in a while and I feel so fat right now. I mean I have made progress but it feels like I am going backwards. I have gained about 5 pounds but that is not the point. The point is that I have landed in the funk and I really need motivation. Don’t get me wrong, I have still been eating fairly healthy but I haven’t passed up the sweets when they are offered and I have eaten a bag of lemon cookies for a few days now. I have come to the conclusion that I am just a girl that loves to eat bad things. I love to eat them all the time!! My will power is being compromised people! I think I am going to make a personal 90 day challenge for myself. When I am challenged, I tend to do better. Once I decide what that challenge is, I will come back and update you guys on it. So until then, this cheater is going to cheat some more! LOL


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