Letter to my younger self

Hello beautiful,
I just want you to know that you are enough. No matter what anyone says in the future, you are a special creation from God. You don’t always have to say year for the fear of getting rejected. You don’t always have to agree for the fear of being unloved. As a matter of fact, live in courage not in fear. Go out on a limb and take a chance. What is the worst that can happen. Sometimes, put yourself before others. Everyone won’t appreciate the sacrifices you make for them. Everyone won’t care like you do. Don’t get mad because the love you are looking for is not in that man. It’s in yourself. You have to find love and acceptance within yourself. You will not be able to find it in the world. If you try, you will be disappointed. When people show you who they are, please believe them. They are the true source. Actions speak louder than words ever will. Look at the signs. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Trust your gut. You know way more than you think. People may call you crazy or question your reasoning but it’s ok. They are not meant to understand. Your path in life may not be straight. Most times the road will be curved with many pit stops along the way. Don’t let this discourage you. Trust that the destination will be reached. It may not be a quick as you want but slow and steady wins the race. Stand strong to your beliefs. If a person has a problem with your moral code then they don’t need to be in your circle. Love yourself! I can not express that enough. You have alot to be thankful for. Your mind is unique and your story will continue to be written. Beautiful girl, you are meant to stand out in a crowd. Never let anyone dim your light to make themselves feel better. You can’t control how people feel about themselves but you can encourage them. Your advice is priceless. People will seek you out for it. Don’t be scared to let your voice be heard. Someone needs to hear what you have to say. Please don’t get any credit cards. If you can’t buy it with cash then you don’t need it. Credit is so important in your future. Don’t blow it with frivolous purchases and random splurges. You will want a house one day. Be careful. Don’t believe everyone that says they love you. They don’t. They can’t possibly love you if they don’t love themselves. Everyone can talk a good game but everyone isn’t ready for the love you have to give. Don’t stay in relationship just because you don’t want to be alone or lonely. In the long run, you will regret this. Enjoy your alone time. This will be how you get to know and truly appreciate yourself. This is how you will know who you truly are and what you really want. Please choose your major in college wisely. You dont want to end up with a degree that you don’t even use. Go with your passion. You are a motivator. Focus on that. Find a field where you will love to get up and go to work. Make a live for yourself where you don’t need a vacation from. Last but not least, develop your own relationship with God. You may not believe in what you were taught by your parents, but find what you believe in your heart. Spend time with the Lord everyday and I promise that you will go far.


Love always,



My Idealistic Views On Relationships….Well From What I Hear

Well I have been told on more that one occasion that my views on relationships for very “idealistic”. Mostly by ex-boyfriends and other people whose opinions don’t matter. I always thought I had a healthy view on relationships and their inner workings but as I grow older and my success rate continues to decline, I may need to rethink what I think I know LOL. Well lets get right into it. I guess I am old fashioned because I thought that relationships included trust and honesty. I thought cheating was uncommon and I thought ignorance was bliss! But what the heck do I know? LOL In this day and age, trust seems to be extinct and honesty is very uncommon.

I sat down and spoke to one of my friends about relationships and I told them that I wanted a man that wanted only me and a person that I could trust. She told me that men like that don’t exist. She said that you are going to have to find a man that will take care of his household because all men are going to cheat. You just have to decide if you are willing to put up with it. Wait a minute and stop the presses!!! I am sorry but I don’t believe that. I feel that a relationship should be based on trust. That is the foundation. If you don’t have trust then you don’t have anything. Your foundation is compromised. It’s like you are building a house on sinking sand. I will be damned if I run myself crazy trying to figure out what he is doing and who he is doing it with. That is not living in my opinion. But then again, what do I know? I have been in relationships where trust was broken and I was very unhappy. The person lied about the smallest things. I may not have ever caught them cheating but if you can get caught in a lie about something simple then you can lie about anything? Right?

Doesn’t trust hold a large role in relationships or am I crazy? I try my best to be honest and I try my best to be as transparent as I can be with my significant other. I expect the same. It’s a give and take. I see so many people in relationships that don’t have trust. I mean its so crazy! What is the point of it all? What is the point of being in a relationship with a person that you have to constantly question? There are too many other things in life to worry about then what the next man is doing. I am sorry. I know I know, I sound like I come fresh out of the old age. But I think I am going to keep my idealistic view on relationships. I am taking a stand. If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. Trust and believe, that I am not trying to fall ever again.

What is your idea of how a relationship should work? Am I being unreasonable. Are my standards to high? Let me know what you think…

Smooches! Until next time loves!