The Great Debate (Straight vs Curly)

Hey guys! I am back for another little discussion with you. I am really interested in your opinion. In the meantime, here is mine.

There has been a great debate in the natural hair community regarding straight hair versus curly hair. A lot of people feel that natural hair means wearing your hair in its natural state without changing the curl pattern. Other people feel that natural hair only means hair that is free from harsh chemicals i.e. relaxers, texturizers, and color treatments. I personally feel that natural hair is what you were born with, hair that has a curl pattern or will revert back to that curl pattern when it is washed. It really doesn’t matter if you flat iron your hair, blow out your hair, or wear your hair in its coily or curly texture. It’s all natural to me.  The only time it becomes unnatural is when you use something in your hair that can change or remove the curl pattern. Some of the hard core natural enthusiasts feel that coloring the hair compromising the natural state. I don’t agree. You can color your hair and still keep the natural texture of it. That is the great thing about natural hair. It is so versatile. You can wear it straight and back to curly (if there is no heat damage). If someone wants to wear their natural hair straight then that is their prerogative. I mean come on now. They already went against societies standards and stopped using harsh chemicals on their hair. Why do they have to get flack from fellow naturals? Its a preference. Its also preference if you want to wear you hair relaxed or natural. Why the debate? Why the issue? We have a lot more in life to discuss then what is natural hair and what is not. Don’t get me wrong, when I first started researching natural hair, all I saw were awesome kinks and curls. I assumed that natural hair meant curly texture. But once I began to research more, I knew more. I began to realize that natural hair is so diverse. I change my hair constantly. Sometimes I wear it kinky, sometimes I wear it blown out, and sometimes I wear it braided under a wig for a protective style. I do what I want with it without using chemicals. So regardless of how I change my hair, I am still natural. I don’t plan on changing that aspect of my hair, ever.   Simply put, natural hair is hair that is free of texture changing chemicals. At least that is my definition. Can we all just get along? LOL