Has Society Defined What Our Happiness Looks Like?

I have a healthy son, a full social life, and I am very active in my church. I am also 36 years old, single, and never married. So why do people make me feel that I have failed in some way? Why can’t I just enjoy life being a single and active mom? I feel it’s because society has caused us to believe that ours lives are supposed to have a so-called “happy ending”. But what is a happy ending supposed to look like? Married? In a relationship? Rich? Big house on a hill? It’s funny that most of the movies out there end with the guy getting the girl, or the girl finding her prince charming. What if that never happens for me? Will my life be all for nothing? I think not. I have come to the realization that happiness comes from within. When you are happy with yourself, you in turn live a happy life. You may not be what society feels that you should be, but who cares? I may not end up getting married but I am successful just the same. I have been the best mom I can be for my son and I have provided for him the best way I know how. I am a great friend and my circle is small. I like it like that. I have great community involvement and I give best whenever I can. Who says my life isn’t fulfilled? I may not ever have a life long partner or maybe I will. I may not ever have the big wedding or maybe I will. I may not even have the big house, but I have love abundantly from my family and my friends. What more could a person ask for? I see people out here married and miserable. In a relationship with a person that doesn’t complete them. What king of life is that? All become someone says you should get married or you should be in a relationship? Nah I am good. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for two people who love each other being in a successful relationship. What I do not condone is for someone to be in a relationship or a situation just because they feel they need to. Do what makes you happy, not what others feel should make you happy. Break the mold and dance at the beat of your own drum. If you are happy with where you are now in life then enjoy that. If you are not, then do something about it but whatever you do, do it for you. Society can’t tell you where you should be or where you should go. I believe we all have a destiny and no one path is the same. That’s all I have to say about that!



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