When you make your life public are opinions welcomed?

I have been thinking about this for a while now and I am wondering this. When you put your life on social media for the world to see, are you welcoming the opinions and ideas of others about your life. Do we have a right to get upset when a person feels some kind of way about what we say or post? I have seen many individuals get upset because they post a picture or share issues in their life and someone makes a negative comment about it. Aren’t those things expected in this judgemental world we live in? I personally don’t feel that we should get mad about anything someone says about something we decide to share with the world. Am I wrong for feeling that way? Opinions are like butt holes, everybody has one. My posts and opinions are mine and if I chose to post them I am opening up the door for others to share their opinions as well. I may not agree with them but I have given them a platform for them to discuss as they may. Don’t get me wrong, rude and disrespectful comments are a no go but when comments are expressed in a respectful manner, I don’t see a problem with it. If we don’t want others to express their feelings about what we share, we should stay private right? We should stop posting about our lives. We should stop sharing our moments with the world right? I get so tired of arguments getting started because people are not willing to listen to the opinions of others. If you don’t like it, block them, delete your post, and have several seats!! Some people are just stupid. They are going to hate everything you do and ever move you make. Let them be angry alone. Don’t let them steal your joy. Life is way to short to get mad ove foolishness! Okay I will get off my soap box. I just feel some kinda way about this and thought I would share.




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